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We have trained and developed some of the largest Professional Futures Traders in the world for the past 20 years.

Expert Trading and Training. Learn to Trade: Forex, Equity, Bonds,Price Action Trading,Technical/Fundamental Analysis.

LIVE futures market commentary up to 4 times daily guiding new and experienced traders through the trading day.

Start Your FREE 15 DAY TRIAL TODAY and recieve a FREE PDF "The Real Reasons Traders Lose Money" and a FREE set of "Beginner Series" of videos.


LIVE Futures market commentary upto 4 times daily guiding new
and experienced traders through the trading day.

Training programmes from beginner to experienced

Our Trading Floor Training programmes have been painstakingly developed for over a decade by a mixture of successful traders, experienced academics and high performance coaches.

Every element has been designed with once clear objective in mind - to train individuals to trade futures consistently and profitably, such that they can pursue a career as a successful professional trader.
We have a range of courses to suit your needs.
Available direct to your home or from the London Trading Floor.

Visit our Courses Page for more information

Visit our courses page

On Demand Training

In todays world we are truly connected at the touch of a button. FutexLive have embraced this and created a unique technologically advanced way of learning.

Wherever you are, whatever your schedule, it shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your dream of becoming a profitable trader.
With our "Classroom on Demand" you can choose a time, place and pace that suits you with access to hours of training videos covering topics ranging from Macro Economic theory to Fundamental Analysis to Market Profile, Advance Charting, Price Ladder Training and much more…

Visit our Courses Page for more information

Visit our courses page

Daily LiveStreams

Stay in touch with the ever moving, ever evolving markets.

Delivered live from our London Trading Floor throughout the Trading Day join us and prepare for the trading day ahead.

Technical Analysis covering Bonds, Equities, Forex and Commodities.

Fundamental Analysis of the major marker moving events from Central Banks to Daily figures.

Never feel left behind, out of the loop or at a disadvantage. Be prepared, be profitable.



The team behind FutexLive have been personally trading and educating traders for the past 20 years. They now bring all their knowledge and experience to FutexLive. A cutting edge fully interactive online trader-knowledge portal with only one goal in mind.... To help make you a successful consistently profitable trader. Spearheaded by Dan Goldberg, a market specialist with 20 years trading knowledge, we bring you World Class live market analysis, classroom education, trader mentoring and trader talent scouting. Futexlive trader education programs arethe most innovative in the industry for rapid trader development.


Technical Analysis

At FutexLive we teach you a technical approach that is immersed in real live price activity and volume analysis. Our foundation of training is built upon Market profile theory, chart patterns, volume and footprint analysis with real price flows.

Algorithmic Systems Trading

The scientific approach to trading. Backtesting, forward testing and objectively validating ideas. Based in the City of London, our quant team are on hand to assist traders from all backgrounds, from beginner to experienced.

Fundamental Analysis

FutexLive mentors and traders have a wealth of experience in fundamental analysis. Whether it is the 1987 stock market crash or the interpretation of Central Bank speak our mentors have seen it all and are on hand to explain what this could mean for the current market prices and more importantly how you can profit from this.

Trading Performance

Don’t just wonder how you’re performing - plan, execute, evaluate - keep your trading performance on track. Our risk and performance analysts can optimise your trading by reviewing your statistics and helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Market Data Trading

With daily economic data releases and big event risk a trader should be prepared for all eventualities. FutexLive Mentors and traders specialise in this area and are well equipped to pass years of powerful trading knowledge to any trader to enhance their trading.

Money Management

There are many things you can’t control about the markets, but you can have a money management strategy to help you ride the waves. At FutexLive we understand that this is an integral skill for all traders. Without it failure is guaranteed as trading profits are frittered away and good ideas are not rewarded.

Risk Management

Trading involves substantial financial risk. Without the appropriate risk framework a trader will not give themselves enough time to learn the necessary skills to trade and become a highly profitable and consistent trader. All traders have losing trades, but correct risk reward ensures protection of a traders capital.

Price Ladder

The price ladder is Futex most valuable edge in executing high probability trade setups. The price ladder is the purest form of the market and illustrates the depth of market. All other trading tools and indicators are derived from the price action on the ladder. Accelerate your learning from our high performing traders on how they interpret price action and the patterns of the market to execute profitable setups.


See and learn how our traders prepare and trade the Global markets

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