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Prepared, Passionate, Profitable

Futex Global are world leaders in financial trader training and we pride ourselves on having the edge over anyone else in the field. FutexLive is a new dynamic route to become a part of this in a way that suits you. Learn with us and you will gain the skills, knowledge and insight you need to realise the goals and lifestyle that you aspire to.
  • Dan Goldberg
    Dan is the Director of Business Development and alongside this role he broadcasts daily his market analysis and trading lessons based on his experience built over the last 20 years

Trader Training

The team at FutexLive has been behind training some of the worlds largest and most profitable traders in the futures market for the past 20 years. Training with FutexLive provides new trainers with the best route to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Live streaming

Delivered from our global trading floors, all your technical and fundamental requirements to navigate the trading day.


The foundation of success for all our traders is the ability to master reading order flow on the Price Ladder in combination with using market profile. Our Price ladder training is the most comprehensive in the industry.