Trading Floor Training

Both the 8 week and 4 week Trader Training courses can be taken on the Trading Floor or as a Remote Training course from home.

Our Mission Statement

FutexLive is a cutting edge, fully interactive online trader-knowledge portal, developed by traders for traders. Over either 8 weeks or 4 weeks FutexLive provides world class trader education, live trader analysis, trade setups, professional trader mentoring and trader talent scouting for financial backing.

The team behind FutexLive has for 20 years provided individuals with successful trading careers. As a group, we have been training individuals to trade electronically for more than 15 years after beginning on the LIFFE open outcry trading floor. We have offered unparalleled opportunities to those individuals with an absolute passion for the financial markets and a burning desire to succeed.

FutexLive’s aim is to pioneer the next generation in trader education. Using the Group’s collective experiences, as well as insight from industry professionals and academics, we have designed multiple training courses and workshops with a view to educating, coaching and supporting those individuals who are determined to secure a new career in trading.

Realise Your Goals And Ambitions

Our Trading Floor Training programme has been painstakingly developed for more than a decade by a mixture of successful traders, experienced academics and high performance coaches. Every element has been designed with one clear objective in mind – to train individuals to trade futures consistently and profitably, such that they can pursue a career as a successful professional trader.

In order to give you the most comprehensive trading floor training, we will provide you with a fully equipped trading desk in the Financial heart of London. In addition to having access to numerous professional trading tools, traders and mentors will be on hand daily to provide you with continuous support throughout your time on the course. Through a combination of formal teaching, high performance coaching, simulated trading and active mentorship, you will learn how to trade the global markets in real-time. Throughout the process we adhere to instill in you the key traits of discipline, precision and control in tandem with an advanced understanding of trading concepts.

Classroom Theory (First 4 weeks)

You will enjoy daily live lectures delivered from our London Training room for both those on the Trading Floor or participating remotely. The range of essential topics:

Cash and derivative markets

Knowledge and understanding of Fixed Income, Currency, Commodity and Equity Index asset classes in cash and derivative markets.

Macroeconomics of trading

A solid appreciation of the various fundamentals of what drive market moves, namely key economic data points and Central Bank Monetary Policy.

Technical Analysis and Market Profile

Learn how to use and interpret broad range of metrics including Candlestick patterns, Footprint charts and Market Profile Theory in order to make strategic trading decisions.

Trading Psychology

Understand the importance of your attitudes and beliefs and how to execute like an elite performer.

Price Action, Volume Profiling and Order Flow

Learn the essentials of market execution using Direct Market Access on the Price ladder and understand how professionals read the tape.

Trading Strategies/set Ups

Gain exposure to trading strategies, set-ups and pattern plays used by some of our top traders and elite performers.

Money & Risk Management

Learn how probability and risk-reward of your trading setups are the pillars of your expected return and how to manage your money effectively throughout a trading week.

Current Affairs

Learn the current affairs that are affecting market sentiment and delve into the politics that drive market moves in the short to medium term.

Interact with the Market (Second 4 weeks)

Whilst we are great believers in a strong theoretical background it is the practical application of what is delivered on the course that gives our traders the edge. Course participants therefore spend a number of hours throughout the course on the trading simulator observing and interacting with the markets via the price ladder, putting the theoretical base into practice. These four weeks follow the price ladder training under the direction of your trainer. Only with repeated practice can the discipline, control and decision making skills be nurtured to set a trader on their way to becoming consistently profitable, hence why we place great emphasis on the ladder based trading simulator as the number one interactive training tool. During your course, you will be training from your very own fully equipped trading desk, where you will have access to your TRADING PLATFORM, which includes a price ladder, economic calendar, charts, live market squawk and news feeds.

Remote trainees will be assisted on their setup

Familiarise yourself with Professional Trading tools

In the analysis of Market Profile and Auction Theory our traders and trainers are the best there is. Market Profile is a trading tool used to statistically analyse price and volume data in order to seek where the market perceives fair value. During your time on the course, you will be immersed in the concepts of Market Profile and exposed to technical setups by elite professional traders and trainers. In addition, you will also learn how we use a number of charting tools, including but not limited to candlesticks, footprints, Delta and Fibonacci retracement.

Gain a deep understanding of event-driven risks

Aside from our vast knowledge in technical trading, we pride ourselves on our Event-Driven Risk trading strategies. With more than 100 years of accumulated experience on our trading floor, we will teach you our methodology and process to profit from key events such as:

  • Central Bank Rate Decisions and Monetary Policy Statements (e.g. ECB, FOMC, BOE etc.)
  • Macroeconomic Data Points (NFP, CPI, Retail Sales etc.)
  • Geopolitical Risks (US – North Korea)

Access to the FutexLive Streaming Service

With the In-House and Remote courses you will get automatic access to our Private Facebook service whilst on the course.

  • Morning / Afternoon Technical Briefs
  • Fundamental Briefs
  • FX and Commodities Briefs
  • Central Bank Meeting prepearation
  • Futexlive Trader Setups
  • Price Ladder Analysis Brief
  • Futexlive Blog

In-House Course

Learn direct from our Fleet Street office on the trading floor.


This course is paid in two instalments. £1500 is due now and £1499 is due after the second week of the course.

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You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Virtual Course

Take the course from anywhere and still have the ability to ask questions.


This course is paid in two instalments. £750 is due now and £749 is due after the second week of the course.

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