Price Ladder Training

The first structured Price Ladder course created by senior traders with years of experience in dynamic order flow. Specifically designed Trading Drills, to help you conquer the price ladder, from traders who know what it takes to be profitable.

Our Mission Statement

FutexLive is a cutting edge, fully interactive online trader-knowledge portal, developed by traders for traders. FutexLive provides world class trader education, live trader analysis, trade setups, professional trader mentoring and trader talent scouting for financial backing.

The team behind FutexLive has for 20 years provided individuals with successful trading careers. As a group, we have been training individuals to trade electronically for more than 15 years after beginning on the LIFFE open outcry trading floor. We have offered unparalleled opportunities to those individuals with an absolute passion for the financial markets and a burning desire to succeed.

FutexLive’s aim is to pioneer the next generation in trader education. Using the Group’s collective experiences, as well as insight from industry professionals and academics, we have designed multiple training courses and workshops with a view to educating, coaching and supporting those individuals who are determined to secure a new career in trading.

4 weeks

An intensive 4 week course to teach you how to Read the Tape using live prices.

Over 30 Videos

Learn how to trade Order-Flow with a guide to specific market set-ups and events.

20 Trading Drills

Build your skills through specifically designed structured Trading Drills.

1 Objective

Become a consistently profitable trader.

Price Ladder Training

Developed by Traders for Traders

The Price Ladder Training course was developed to cause a paradigm shift in trader development, by providing a platform for traders of all experience levels to rapidly hone the invaluable skillset of reading order-flow in the financial markets. By training them how to read order-flow, our ultimate objective is to create the next generation of great traders.

With our intensive Trading Drills on a simulator using live prices, the programme utilizes years of trading experience to accelerate your understanding of how to trade order-flow patterns. The Price Ladder is our traders’ number one execution platform and is the most effective way to profit from major event-driven risks and specific order flow patterns.

The programme has been created so that it exposes you to the fundamental elements of the market; buyers and sellers. It is geared towards accelerating your learning curve in the art of basic of order-flow and also the science behind trading the most volatile risk events, in order to profit from them.

Realise your goals and ambitions

Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is a hallmark of expert performers where through guided practice, experts open themselves to feedback and, as a result, become better decision makers. Discretionary traders are often compared to athletes, where their ultimate pursuit is high performance. Not only do they both have to constantly deal with the inherent issues of unrelenting pressure, performance slumps, confidence issues, and changing motivational factors, but they also have to build the skillset to be able to perform almost instinctively.

We often hear the phrase “practice makes perfect,” but performance experts in sports emphasize that it is perfect practice that makes perfect. How practice time is structured makes the difference between a performer with 10 years of experience and one who has a single year of experience repeated 10 times over. Quality of the practice is just as important as the quantity of practice.

Over the many years of discretionary trading, there has been a vast improvement in the educational field of trading and FutexLive has always strived to be at the forefront of trader training and development. In light of this, we have worked diligently over time to develop one of the most innovative products in the field in order to accelerate a trader’s learning curve.

Programme Modules

You will enjoy a number of online video lectures on a range of essential topics.

Introduction to the price ladder part 1

Gain the requisite knowledge and understanding of how to use a Price Ladder

Introduction to the price ladder part 2

A solid appreciation of the various Price Ladder Order Types, Execution Types and Order Book Trading Lingo

Price ladder absorption, reloading and iceberging

Learn how to identify and trade Price Ladder absorption, reloading and iceberging patterns.

Large orders on the price ladder

Learn how to determine large market orders and how to execute a front-run trade strategy

Maneuvering around algorithms on the price ladder

Learn how to maneuver around various spoofing algorithms on the Price Ladder

Contrarian and fading setups

Understand the importance of Volume and Volatility and gain exposure to Fading and Contrarian trading strategies on the Price Ladder

Breakout and momentum setups

Learn the Principles of Compression and Expansion and how to identify a high volume Breakout

Data point trading

Build a solid understanding of how to prepare for volatile Economic Figures and how to execute a high conviction setup on the Price Ladder

Month end trading

Discover how you can profit from high volume Month-End trading flows on the Price Ladder.

Central bank trading

Learn how to prepare for Central Bank trading opportunities and what to look for on your Price Ladder during these Event-Driven Risks.

Solid background knowledge and context behind the set-up

Reherse skills in realistic combinations

Set goals and objectives for each practice session.

Drill skills to promote implicit learning


Futexlive provided me with the training, support, funding and facilities to become a highly profitable futures trade.

It was of great insight to learn how people who do it for a living develop their insights, process information and help you in the forming of unique ideas that make you become a better trader. Hugely recommended as a programme if you wish to learn on a day to day basis.

I learnt so much with live trading session, specially reading the price ladder… can’t wait for tomorrow live session trading… thx Gentlmen.

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